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    I sense a listener nearby.

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    christmas is rapidly approaching and who doesn’t love sending and receiving love during the holiday season! so this christmas i decided to host a secret santa sorta thing but for the troyler/youtube fandom!

    heres how it’ll work:

    if you want to participate ((be a secret santa and receive one too)) please reblog ((likes will not count)) this post. last day to enter will be november 15th; towards the end of november i’ll message you a url so you know whose secret santa you’ll be. starting december 1st, you’ll send the blog i’ve assigned to you anonymous messages, so please make sure you have your ask and anon messaging turned on ((they can be sweet things, jokes, christmas spirit msgs, or just anything to help build a bond with the other person)) and at the end of them sign it with “-secret santa” so they know its a secret santa. you’ll send these messages everyday until december 24th and then on christmas day you’ll finally reveal yourself and then you can even give your assigned blog a “gift” ((url-inspired gifset, fanart, sweet msg, etc))! also if you’d like, please tag your secret santa asks with #troylerss, so we can all see each others messages and make it even more fun! i hope this works out because this would be a great way to get our fandom in the christmas spirit! message me if you have any questions (◡‿◡✿)

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    Fill your heart with bees. If someone breaks your heart, then they have to deal with the bees.

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    Find more inspiration here @Extramadness

  • "Beating the refresh button to death when the internet is slow."
  • WHO is this fangirl in my head and why won’t she stop squealing long enough for me to get some work done.

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  • Cecil Gershwin Palmer - Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 36. (via itsrainingdemons)
  • "There’s never not something that has been displaced, marginalized.
    There’s never not something that, when feeling pressed to the wall, to a place with no room left to run, gathers its numbers, gathers its forces, and turns, savagely, on its oppressor.
    Turns viciously, and without inhibition, even on those who merely look like its oppressor."